AB-CHFUPYCA (also AB-CHMFUPPYCA) is a compound that was first identified as a component of synthetic cannabis products in Japan in 2015. The name “AB-CHFUPYCA” is an acronym of its systematic name N-(1-Amino-3-methyl-1-oxoButan-2-yl)-1-(CycloHexylmethyl)-3-(4-FlUorophenyl)-1H-PYrazole-5-CarboxAmide. There are two known regioisomers of AB-CHFUPYCA: 3,5-AB-CHMFUPPYCA (pictured) and 5,3-AB-CHMFUPPYCA. The article refers to both 3,5-AB-CHMFUPPYCA and 5,3-AB-CHMFUPPYCA as AB-CHMFUPPYCA isomers, so AB-CHMFUPPYCA and AB-CHFUPYCA are not names for a unique chemical structure.

Although AB-CHFUPYCA contains structural elements common to the synthetic cannabinoid designer drugs AB-PINACA and AB-FUBINACA, it can also be considered an analog of the traditional pyrazole cannabinoid receptor 1 antagonist rimonabant. Its pharmacological properties have not been studied.