Raw Research Chemicals is a research chemical supplier located in the Longgang District of China.   We have been providing research chemicals world wide since 2011.   We are a full service lab and have many other close lab contacts in China making any product fast and easy to deliver.   Because of this we can guarantee the best price and quality of our products with fast delivery in comparison to our competitors.   Our mission is to sell the purest quality research chemicals at fair prices.   We ship worldwide and guarantee delivery.   Our chemical compounds are intended for research and laboratory use only.

Buying research chemicals from us is safe and easy.   We’re committed to supplying high quality research chemicals to pharmaceutical scientists,   chemistry researchers, pharmacologists,   medical institutions,   toxicologists,   biochemists,   medical researchers and educational institutions.   Our goal is to help facilitate their research programs by providing them with the excellent quality chemicals for study and tests along with research in the medical community.

Our dedication to quality and scientific integrity has made us one of the most respected suppliers in the online market.   We take our reputation very seriously and work hard to maintain it.   In addition to having the largest choice of research chemicals,   our customers can also take advantage of our flexible payment options,   and reliable delivery.   That way we can help countless researchers from all continents find those rare and little-investigated research materials that frequently can have a major impact on physical,   chemical,   biological or pharmacological studies.   To fulfill that mission,   we are constantly looking for ways to improve our offering by including new research chemicals on our product list as often as we are able to.

Please be aware that Raw Research Chemicals delivers research products under the terms to use them only for qualified scientific research under safe and controlled laboratory conditions in line with applicable laws and regulations at the customers location.   Human consumption of our products is absolutely prohibited with no exceptions whatsoever.

For wholesale cooperation or custom synthesis inquiry please contact us direct at [email protected]